Hello there.

I'm Saakshi Vyas, living in Bombay with my two cats. I create illustrations for brands and products. My approach to work is fun, colourful and whimsical.

I'm a big music junkie and enjoy listening to groovy music. I used to play the keys in a band years ago in college, do live gigs and rock my fingers out! These days I sit in my bedroom and play for my only audience - my cats.
I also enjoy baking cakes, brownies and pies. It's a curse though - to enjoy baking so much but to not be able to devour the yums when I'm on my millionth attempt at following a strict workout regime. Pffttt.

Anywhooo, I'm available for new commissions and also open to license the use of some of my existing illustrations! For inquires, please drop me a mail on saakshi.vyas@gmail.com